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My work:
A sample of my work that has exhibited throughout the province.



Petit Mouton
12 X18 in.

Group exhibition "Spectrum" in St-Andrews and Fredericton N.B.

The theme was color and I chose to make a monochromatic sheep.  The head is made with red earthenware clay, white slip and glaze.  The body is made with wool fabric, beading and handmade crochet lace.


11 X 17 in.

Group exhibition "Conversations" in Florenceville N.B.

 Made with earthenware clay, glaze, felted wool, silk ribbons and beads.

This piece represents the fact of being through a lot, and coming out stronger (post-traumatic growth) .                            

Denise Violette Michaud2_photo by Shilo McCavour.jpg


12 X 12 in.

Group exhibition "The Thing that Happened", with Craft NB which travelled the province.

Made with red earthenware clay, glaze, leather cord and wood base.

This piece represents people in nursing homes that loose their dignity and are waiting to die.


Healing with Nature
8"X2" (tree)  12"X3" (each doll) X24

Group exhibition "Beneath the Surface" from a 5 day residency at Fundy National Park NB.

Tree made of fabric, threads, felted wool and beads.

Art dolls made with earthenware clay, fabric and threads.

Represents the wounds we all have that need healing, be it physical, emotional or even environmental. Like the tree, a callus forms over the wounds and living continues.  So much goes on Beneath the Surface...

Denise Violette Michaud, Healing with Nature-1.jpg
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